Bridging The Light


One of my beliefs is that every challenge we face is here to teach us something. There is always a lesson in it, a wake-up call and all we have to do is listen and do the work. Sometimes, the work could be leaving your job, apologizing to someone, making a wrong a right and pursuing your dreams.  We all have the ability to live a fulfilled life, however sometimes we need a little help opening up and tuning into that little inner voice that is there to guide us to fulfilment.

Everyday there is someone who is going through depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness and pain. We live in a culture that tends to lean towards the suppression of symptoms, disconnection and the list goes on. We then create these blockages within our bodies that cause pain and discomfort. Change is up to you. Only you can help yourself. Never abandon yourself, take time for you. YOU is the greatest investment you will ever make. Listen to the whispers of your heart and soul, allow your greatest hurt to become your greatest virtue and turn your wounds into wings.

I hope you enjoy my site and stay tuned, there is so much more to come!

Love & Light




New Moon in Taurus April 26, 2017

Intuition, awakening and fresh new energy :)


Flowers spring forth in abundance this month :)

Full Moon May 10, 2017

New Moon May 25, 2017


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